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The relation between this game and the topic of being the world.

This is a skill based game. Ninja should do exercises every. Those exercise help them to know the substances. Such as Shuriken, hook and sword. The one of the most important ninjas' creed is endurance. They should learn how to control their mood by trainning.


This is a multiplayer game. it's two team, each team has two players. The goal of the game is to pick up the scroll on the mid of the screen, and bring it to the other side.

Players can also pick up hook, shuriken, sword.

Game setup

Running condition: Windows(64 bit);

4 xbox360 controller, (before running the game, setup the controller first.)

The function of weapon

hook: Player can throw hook, the enemy will draw onto the player, when enemy be hit .

Sword: massive damage, and player can speed up;

shuriken: Long range weapon, if be hit, slow debuffer.

Control descriptions

Left Joystick is moving, right is turning.

Right trigger is to use skills(default is punch, you need pick up weapon and use it)

Left button is to drop the weapon and scroll.


ninja.zip 30 MB